MeCP2 and the adult brain

mouseA recent study looks at the effects of the MeCP2 protein levels on  adult brains. Although this study looked at blocking MeCP2 [similar to Rett syndrome and the opposite of MECP2 duplication syndrome], the fact that it showed different kinds of responses depending on the developmental maturity of the lab mice, suggests that the most critical role of the MeCP2 protein may be in the function of the adult brain.

This finding is consistent with the findings from reversal studies and supports the notion that many of the negative effects of both Rett syndrome and MECP2 duplication syndrome would lessen with treatments that normalized the protein levels in the central nervous system, even if treatment began in adolescence or adulthood.

See also “Rett syndrome gene may play key role in adult brain” 6 April 2016 for more information.

Du. F., Nguyen, M.V., Karten. A., Felice, C.A., Mandel, G., & Ballas N.(2016). Acute and crucial requirement for MeCP2 function upon transition from early to late adult stages of brain maturation. Human Molecular Genetics, [Feb 16. pii: ddw038. Epub ahead of print]


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