Encouraging Research on Rett Syndrome

flaskResearchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have published encouraging results further demonstrating that at least some symptoms of Rett syndrome can be reversed in Rett lab mice. Previous research demonstrated that if MECP2 protein levels could be normalized, symptoms could be reduced or potentially eliminated. In this study, researchers identified a class of potential medicines that significantly reduced symptoms.

While this result is not directly applicable to MECP2 duplication syndrome, it does provide further support in principle for the line of research looking for classes of drugs to regulate MECP2 activity.


2 responses to “Encouraging Research on Rett Syndrome

  1. Do you happen to know the medicines they are using for Rett Syndrome girls and/or do you know how I can reach these researchers?

  2. Nicholas Tonks was the lead researcher. Contact info can be found here,http://www.cshl.edu/Faculty/Nicholas-Tonks.html
    but this is a study on lab rats. They are not treating humans at this stage

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