With Gratitude

thanksSpecial thanks on behalf of  families of individuals with MECP2 Duplication Syndrome to my colleagues Fred Orelove and Donna Gilles who have decided to assign 100% of the royalties of our forthcoming book, Educating Children with Severe and Multiple Disabilities  to support research efforts to find new and better treatments. Royalties will be paid to the MECP2 Duplication Syndrome Fund at the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.

Fred and Donna have been leaders in the field of developmental disabilities for decades. Donna currently serves as Executive Director of the Partnership for People with Disabilities at Virginia Commonwealth University, a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Fred served in the same position until his retirement a few years ago.

Educating Children with Severe and Multiple Disabilities will be the 5th edition of a text that Fred and I first published in 1987. The publisher is Brookes Publishing, in Baltimore, MD. Working with Fred and Donna on this book, I know how much time and effort went into this project, and I am overwhelmed by their willingness to direct the fruits of their labor to help those affected by MECP2 Duplication Syndrome.


16 responses to “With Gratitude

  1. Jonathan Currie

    Many thanks on behalf of Michael Currie age 9 and family.

  2. Merci beaucoup de la part de Lucas, 8 ans, France 🙂

  3. Grateful appreciation on behalf of my grandson, Brantley Taylor (age 1) and his extended family.

  4. Aleesha Neyland

    Thank you so much on behalf of Ethan, age 10, Australia, and family xx

  5. On behalf of my 3 year old son, Blake from Scotland, I would like to thank you both very much for donating your royalties. Very thoughtful and generous of you.

  6. Bronwyn Harrison

    Thanks you from Chloe, 5, in Australia!,

  7. Thanks on behalf of Dave, 24, and Family in Canada

  8. Thank you so much on behalf of Kanade, 3, and his family from Japan. Arigato!

  9. Thank you so much fr.o.m. Melker, 10, in Finland!!

  10. Tank you very much, Rodrigo,4, from Lisbon, Portugl

  11. Ginny Escalada

    Many thanks for Zachary, 39 of Vermont.

  12. On behalf of James,22, and his family in Australia, our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your kindness and generosity 🙂

  13. To Dick and all the other families, I am humbled by your gratitude. Our contribution pales in comparison to the one that you make every day on behalf of your lovely children. I would do anything for Dick Sobsey, a giant among men.

  14. The family of Kaitlyn Bartlett in Kansas thanks everyone involved! Thank You!!!

  15. Amy Morrison Baker

    Thank you so much. Very generous and thoughtful.

  16. Thank you so very much. On behalf of Henry (2) in Toronto Canada

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