Where do visitors to the MECP2 Duplication Syndrome Blog site come from?

Each month, about 1000 pages on the MECP2 Duplication Syndrome Blog site are viewed by people from around the world. Since 25 February 2012, WordPress has collected data on countries of origin of visits to this website. In total, visitors from 128 countries viewed at least one page on this site. The following list is the number of pages viewed by country of origin of the viewer for the 26 countries with at least 100 pages viewed:



U.S. FlagU.S. 19,866
U.K. FlagU.K. 4,621
Canada FlagCanada 4,239
Australia FlagAustralia 1,868
Germany FlagGermany 1,305
Italy FlagItaly 582
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 518
Japan FlagJapan 507
Portugal FlagPortugal 442
France FlagFrance 441
Sweden FlagSweden 420
Spain FlagSpain 364
Israel FlagIsrael 344
Norway FlagNorway 305
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 286
Brazil FlagBrazil 277
Philippines FlagPhilippines 253
Ireland FlagIreland 230
India FlagIndia 226
Poland FlagPoland 226
Belgium FlagBelgium 220
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 167
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 157
Finland FlagFinland 155
Malta FlagMalta 129
Taiwan FlagTaiwan 116
An additional 102 Countries made up the remainder of the list with a range of 1 -95 pages viewed.

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