Prenatal Findings in MECP2 Duplication

Fu, F., Liu, H. L., Li, R., Han, J., Yang, X., Min, P., et al. (2014). flaskPrenatal diagnosis of foetuses with congenital abnormalities and duplication of the MECP2 region. Gene, 546(2), 222-225.

This study reports that there may be some prenatal atypical findings in the brains of boys with MECP2 Duplication that can be observed in ultrasoud examinations and some additional ultrasound indicators. One of the reported findings of particular interest is “Fetal growth restriction.”

Outside this study, there have been several reports from parents of neonates who were full-term or near full term that were not just small for gestational age but also showed signs of prematurity that were not consistent for gestational age. This suggests that the “fetal growth restriction” may be somewhat dfferent than typical fetal growth restriction.


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