Parent Survey on the Use of Cannabidiol in Intractable Epilepsy

NEW3While there  has been a lot of popular discussion of treating seizures with Cannabidiol, there have been few published studies of the results in children with seizure disorders. A study published in December 2013 in the journal Epilepsy and Behavior provides some encouraging information. While the study only surveyed a small number of participants and depended on parent perceptions rather than objectively measured data, the results were positive. Of 19 families of children with diagnoses of Dravet syndrome, Doose syndrome, or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, 84% reported positive results. While just 11% reported complete elimination of seizures, an additional 42% reported a a reduction of at least 80% and 32% reported a reduction of 25-60%. Since all of these children had been treated unsuccessfully with an average of 12 different anticonvulsant drugs, these results were impressive.

While none of these children were reported to have MECP2 Duplication Syndrome, these results suggest a need for carefully controlled studies of whether this could be helpful in this syndrome.

Porter, B.E. & Jacobson, C. (2013). Report of a parent survey of cannabidiol-enriched cannabis use in pediatric treatment-resistant epilepsy. Epilepsy and Behavior, 29, 574-577


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