Canada’s Reworked Medical Marijuana Program

News icon1 October 2013 Today begins Canada’s revised medical marijuana program. The new program will make pharmaceutical grade cannabis available to individuals who have been approved for treatment. It replaces a previous program that allowed approved individuals to grow small quantities for personal use.

So far only one LICENSED PRODUCER shows up on Canada’s Official Medical Marijuana website. More may be approved over time. CanniMed® ,  the one currently identified licensed producer, however, will offer at least three different products, one of which is rich in CBD (cannabidiol), which has been reputed to be very helpful in treating intractable seizures. CanniMed 9-9 contains 9% THC and 9% CBD. This may still be more THC than is desirable for seizure treatment but might be a suitable option for treatment of medically approved patients.

At this point, the value of Cannabidiol for treating seizures in MECP2 Duplication syndrome remains unproven, but some families are trying it with encouraging results.

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One response to “Canada’s Reworked Medical Marijuana Program

  1. The efforts of people had given fruitful results. Now those people suffering from diseases like cancer,glaucoma etc can be cured. The use of medical marijuana in Canada should be encouraged.

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