A Mouse Model for MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome

Elisa S. Na, Erika D. Nelson,Megumi Adachi, Anita E. Autry,Melissa A. Mahgoub, Ege T. Kavalali, and Lisa M. Monteggia. A Mouse Model for MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome: MeCP2 Overexpression Impairs Learning and Memory and Synaptic Transmission. The Journal of Neuroscience, 29 February 2012, 32(9): 3109-3117; doi: 10.1523/​Journal of Neuroscience. 6000-11.2012

For those interested in reading more about the MECP2 Duplication mice being used in scientific studies, here is a a full description. The full article appears to be available online at no charge. The article is written for researchers and parts of it may be to specialized for casual readers, but overall it gives a good description of the genetically engineered MECP2 Duplication mice and their similarities to humans with MECP2 Duplication Syndrome.


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