MECP2 Duplication Australia Video

Families from around the world are making plans to come to Houston for the May 2011 MECP2 Duplication Syndrome Conference for vital information, family fellowship, and hope. The costs for families to come from great distances will be substantial and beyond the means of families. Please share this video with others.

The story of the Holland family and their journey with MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome.
Donate today to assist them to get to the USA in 2011 for the first ever conference world-wide into MeCP2 Duplication in Houston, Texas in May 2011.  You can also support the ongoing care of Asher and research into a cure.
For more information, please contact Michelle or Allison at:


One response to “MECP2 Duplication Australia Video

  1. regina rapata

    hi i too would like to go to the conference, just wanting to know more info about when and where the conference is so that i could do some fundraising to go over as well,
    Thank you

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