Down syndrome & MECP2

Research published in the November 6, 2009 issue of Journal of Biological Chemistry suggests that MECP2 may play a role in producing the symptoms seen in Down syndrome. NOTE: This original post has been deleted because as listed in the comment below, the article upon which it was based was retracted due to research misconduct that involved false or manipulated data. Therefore, the role (if any) of MECP2 in producing Down syndrome symptoms remains unknown.


One response to “Down syndrome & MECP2

  1. Jonathan Edelson

    I hate to say this, but the paper referenced was retracted due to research misconduct.

    Additionally, ‘HSA21’ is just another way of saying ‘chromosome 21’. If you could somehow dose someone with an extra copy of HSA21…well, you’ve just induced down syndrome.

    What the paper claimed was that microRNA 155, which is expressed _from_ HSA21 causes MECP2 to be down regulated.


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