A Personal Matter

6 February 2010- Edmonton, AB, Canada A quick apology to MECP2 Duplication  blog readers. Sorry for neglecting this blog lately. I’ve been distracted by another issue regarding potential cuts to Alberta’s Inclusive Post-Secondary Education programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. So, I’ve devoted the last week to establishing  a new blog on thre topic of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education. For those icad readers who are interested, it can be found at inclusivepse.wordpress.com

Our son who is 19 and has MECP2 Duplication Syndrome attends one of these programs at University on a daily basis. It’s been great for him and it works surprising well for many young adults with severe disabilities. I hope these opportunities can open up for more individuals with severe disabilities in the future. This initiative began about 25 years ago and there are now programs at more than 50 American and Canadian Universities and colleges. It stretches the imagination, but I can only tell you that friday night, our David went out to a Birthday-Pizza Party with other college students. He was kicked out of the Lounge (Bar) because he didn’t have proof of age… This is an experience every young adult should have, and next time, he will have legal proof of age!


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  1. Great information and a good blog for all.

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